The 2–Channel Starter Kit gives you the lowest possible cost entry into PicoScope ownership.


The kit comes complete with a basic set of leads and clips to allow you to perform many common tasks including testing most sensors, relative compression and cylinder balance tests. Over time accessories such as current clamps and ignition probes can be added to expand its uses and convert a starter kit into a standard kit.


With this kit you can measure and record up to two signals at once. If you want to measure and record up to four signals simultaneously then you need the 4–Channel Starter Kit.



- Premium test leads 2pcs

- Needle (black)

- Battery terminal (red)

- Software (CD)

- 10: 1 suppressor

- Small clamp (black)

- Battery terminal (black)

- Instruction

- Needle (red)

- Small terminal (red)

- USB cable 1.8m

Detailed Instructions:

- Measurement of compression

- Measurement of cylinder balance

- Camshaft

- Crankshaft

- Spark distributor

- Fuel pressure

- Lamda sensor

- Air flow sensor

- Air pressure sensor

- Pedal position sensor

- Speed ??sensor

- Solenoid valve

- Temperature sensor

- Throttle position

- Cooling fan

- Fuel pump

- Stepped motors

- Accelerator servo motor

- Amplifier masses

- Amplifier signal

- Primary

- Primary combustion

- Saw-type signals

- Comparison of camshafts with crankshaft position

- Comparison of primary combustion with crankshaft position


Optional accessories such as: NVH equipment (based on noise / vibration of car components) or WPS500X pressure adapter (for engine compression, cylinder work, fuel compression, etc.) can be optionally added.


PicoScope 2-Channel Starter Kit




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