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Brand New Manufactured Generation 3 Cells

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Brand New Manufactured in the UK: A new automotive hybrid battery part by UK Hybrid specialists. These items have been 100% completely examined for high volatile testing **Please note all modules have been tested for current charge and discharge capacity (maH) and these values will be provided with the modules.

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The Prius and Lexus Gen 3 Hybrid Cells will fit the Prius 2009 and latest models and Lexus latest models. The cells are also suitable for a wider range of Toyota and Lexus models.

Toyota Prius C (2010-2016)

Toyota Prius 2nd (2009)

Toyota Prius 3rd (2010-2015)

Toyota Camry XV40 (2007-2011)

Toyota  Camry XV50 (2012-2016)

Lexus CT200H (2010-2014)

Lexus ES300H,  ES400, NX300H

Lexus G5 450H (2007-2012)

Nissan Altima (2007-2011)


  1. All of our cells have been fully tested to ensure they hold its most capacity ready to be installed. **All New Cells come with a 12 months warranty**

All Serial numbers have to be recorded and will  be stored and saved according to GDPR compliance’s
  3. If any of our Cells fail or module voltage drops below 7.2v, current charge capacity drops below 6000maH or current discharge capacity drops below 5000maH within its warranty period we will replace the Cell accordingly.
  4. Please note the Cells Serial Number has to match our records in order to replaced.

        **Please note the voltage of the cells will vary between 7.5v to 8v**

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 28 × 12 × 2.5 cm


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