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TabScan S7C Automotive Diagnostic Tablet

£ 900.00

TabScan S7C is an advanced vehicle diagnostic device developed for users and car maintenance repair technicians to analyze and determine car issues faster and with precise solutions. It is designed with an easy to use Android operating system interface with 1.3 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor in a 7-inch capacitive touch screen display. It is housed in rugged, drop-proof and water-resistant rubberized cover for a complete device protection which could be used at the most demanding location and environment. The TabScan S7C is an optimal solution to manage repair tasks efficiently and reliably with greater positive results.

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7-inch LCD 1024×600 IPS touch screen, viewing angle wide, showing clear, interface identifier is obvious, and easy to operate;

Android operating system interface with 1.3 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor, it guarantees an extraordinarily short boot-up speed, highly data processing capacity;

Built-in Wi-Fi for accurate online case and information search;

Intelligent automatic OBD system-wide diagnostic detection;

Supports all 5 OBD communication protocol and 10 test mode;

Supports OBD fault code database query and maintenance database search;

Supports diagnose all electronic control systems of the vehicle;

Diagnostic report sharing feature;

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi printer connectivity support;

Single-button software updates;

Multi-language support.

Diagnostic function

Supports 12V vehicles with Europe, America, Japan and South Korea 43 mainstream models;

Read DTCs, clear DTCs, read data stream;

Support all electric control systems.

Service function

ABS Bleeding, EPB Reset, Service Reset, CKP Learning, Throttle Reset, SAS Reset, Battery, CVT Reset, TPMS, etc.

System function

The system also includes the most recent auto-VIN technology, to identify vehicles with one touch, and the exclusive auto-Scan function. One-click clear DTCs, one-click update, data record and replay, workshop manager, database query, repair video research, vehicle data manager, etc.


 Models Supported

Region Models Edition Date
EOBD Eobd V2.20 2018-04-11
Asia Daewoo V3.01 2018-04-11
Nissan V3.50 2018-05-03
NissanGTR V3.50 2018-05-03
Scion V2.90 2018-06-21
Ssangyong V3.01 2018-04-11
Subaru V2.04 2018-04-11
Suzuki V2.82 2018-05-23
Toyota V2.90 2018-06-21
Isuzu V3.01 2018-04-11
Kia V3.22 2018-05-07
Lexus V2.90 2018-06-21
Mazda V3.40 2018-05-30
Mitsubishi V2.80 2018-06-21
Infiniti V3.50 2018-05-03
Daihatsu V2.05 2018-04-11
Hyundai V3.22 2018-05-07
Hyundai CV V3.01 2018-04-11
FordAustralia V3.40 2018-05-30
Europe Abarth V3.12 2018-05-23
Acura V2.70 2018-04-11
Alfa V3.60 2018-05-23
Audi V3.70 2018-06-21
Benz V2.30 2018-04-11
Bmw V3.03 2018-04-11
Citroen V3.10 2018-06-20
Dacia V2.11 2018-04-11
Fiat V3.12 2018-05-23
Honda V2.70 2018-04-11
Jaguar V3.10 2018-04-11
Lancia V3.12 2018-05-23
LandRover V3.10 2018-04-11
Mini V3.03 2018-04-11
Opel V3.11 2018-04-11
Perodua V3.00 2018-04-11
Peugeot V3.10 2018-06-20
Porsche V3.50 2018-05-03
Proton V3.00 2018-04-11
Renault V2.30 2018-07-04
Seat V3.70 2018-06-21
Skoda V3.70 2018-06-21
Smart V2.50 2018-04-11
Sprinter V2.50 2018-04-11
Vauxhall V3.11 2018-04-11
Volvo V3.00 2018-04-11
VW V3.70 2018-06-21
VW CV V3.70 2018-06-21
America Dodge V3.30 2018-05-23
Ford V3.40 2018-05-30
Gm V3.00 2018-04-11
Jeep V3.30 2018-05-23
Chrysler V3.30 2018-05-23
China BAICMotor V5.10 2018-04-11
Foton V2.50 2018-06-20
BaicHs V2.41 2018-04-11
BAICSenova V2.61 2018-04-11
Borgward V2.10 2018-06-12
BYD V2.50 2018-07-04
ChangAn V2.70 2018-05-30
Chery V2.60 2018-05-23
Hafei V2.41 2018-04-11
Greatwall V2.75 2018-06-12
Chery_NE V2.30 2018-04-11
DFFG V2.62 2018-04-11
Emgrand V3.00 2018-05-23
Geely V2.40 2018-05-23
JAC V2.31 2018-05-15
Karry V2.20 2018-04-11
LIFAN V2.41 2018-04-12
MAPLE V2.41 2018-05-15
Saicmg V3.10 2018-06-21
Rely V2.30 2018-04-11
Riich V2.30 2018-04-11
Saicmaxus V2.20 2018-05-30
SGMW V3.41 2018-05-07
SMA V2.40 2018-04-11
Brilliance V2.60 2018-06-20
Gleagle V2.30 2018-04-11
EngLon V2.40 2018-04-11
DFXK V2.60 2018-04-11
ChangheSuzuki V2.40 2018-05-03
ZOTYE V2.25 2018-05-23
TJFAW V2.50 2018-05-23
India Tata V3.10 2018-04-24
Mahindra V3.20 2018-04-11
Maruti V2.21 2018-06-20