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TabScan S7D Dual-Mode Automotive Diagnostic Tablet

£ 1,399.00

TabScan S7D is an innovated diagnostic system with the combination of third-party diagnostic device (diagnostic Tablet) and original manufacturer diagnosis tool (wiScan T6). TabScan S7D supports whole systematic diagnosis of 130 car brands and tens of thousands cars with Asia, Europe and America mainstream models, car maintenance, vehicle anti-theft matching, brush hiding configuration and other special functions. Meanwhile, with the help of the T6 car J2534 diagnostic box which has more than 26 original diagnoses and preparation functions to achieve Dual Mode Diagnosis and multi-use of one machine. TabScan S7W makes up for industry problems that the less function of third-party diagnostic device and the high cost of and original manufacturer diagnosis system. TabScan S7D is a necessary diagnosis tool for pre-service and after-service among automotive market, which include swift repair, fast insurance, auto beauty, car modification and original manufacturer diagnosis and programming.

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– 1.3 Ghz Quad-Cortex A7 processor for faster operation speed

– 7-inch 1024*768 pixel IPS LCD capacitive touch screen

– Wireless network support for online data query, case search and expert solution

– Bluetooth compatible diagnosis kit with J2534 protocol support

– Wireless printer support via Bluetooth for diagnosis report printing

– Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for more than 8-hours continuous operation

– Ergonomic and durable sleeve for added protection



– Android-based EUUI Automotive Intelligent Diagnostic Operating System with advanced technology features

– Intelligent diagnostic applications for powerful and faster diagnosis and user-experience

– Supports J2534 protocol

– Optimum OBD II testing function which supports five protocols and up to ten test models of OBD II

– Supports automatic diagnostic page positioning for more user-friendly and efficient diagnosis

– One-key testing, One-key DTC’s clearing, One-key upgrade, One-key maintenance and One-key sharing quick support

– Original CAI’s search model enables 10 times faster diagnostic speed of BMW, Volkswagen and Audi

– Fully optimized diagnostic process for a simpler, faster, efficient and more accurate tests

– Convenient vehicle maintenance archives management system

– Supports OBD fault code query and search with wide cases, solutions and videos of maintenance databases

– Vehicle models covers mainstream cars in Europe, America and Japan for full system diagnosis and automotive professional maintenance support

– Simple recording and playback of real-time data streams

– Rapid and accurate localization of sensor and component faults

– Screenshot and text input function for online search and data management

– Easy smart cloud services for easy maintenance technical personnel help access




Region Models Edition Date
EOBD Eobd V2.20 2018-04-11
Asia Daewoo V3.01 2018-04-11
Daihatsu V2.05 2018-04-11
Hyundai V3.22 2018-05-07
Hyundai CV V3.01 2018-04-11
Infiniti V3.50 2018-05-03
Isuzu V3.01 2018-04-11
Kia V3.22 2018-05-07
Lexus V2.90 2018-06-23
Mazda V3.40 2018-05-30
Mitsubishi V2.80 2018-06-21
Nissan V3.50 2018-05-03
NissanGTR V3.50 2018-05-03
Scion V2.90 2018-06-21
Ssangyong V3.01 2018-04-11
Subaru V2.04 2018-04-11
Suzuki V2.82 2018-05-23
Toyota V2.90 2018-06-21
FordAustralia V3.40 2018-05-30
Europe Abarth V3.12 2018-05-23
Acura V2.70 2018-04-11
Alfa V3.12 2018-05-23
Audi V3.70 2018-06-21
Benz V2.30 2018-04-11
Bmw V3.03 2018-04-11
Citroen V3.10 2018-06-21
Dacia V2.11 2018-04-11
Fiat V3.12 2018-05-23
Honda V2.70 2018-04-11
Jaguar V3.10 2018-04-11
Lancia V3.12 2018-05-23
LandRover V3.10 2018-04-11
Mini V3.03 2018-04-11
Opel V3.11 2018-04-11
Perodua V3.00 2018-04-11
Peugeot V3.10 2018-06-21
Porsche V3.50 2018-04-28
Proton V3.00 2018-04-11
Renault V2.30 2018-07-04
Seat V3.70 2018-06-21
Skoda V3.70 2018-06-21
Smart V2.50 2018-04-11
Sprinter V2.50 2018-04-11
Vauxhall V3.11 2018-04-11
Volvo V3.00 2018-04-11
VW V3.70 2018-06-21
VW CV V3.70 2018-06-21
America Chrysler V3.30 2018-05-23
Dodge V3.30 2018-05-23
Ford V3.40 2018-05-30
Gm V3.00 2018-04-11
Jeep V3.30 2018-05-23
China BAICMotor V5.10 2018-05-23
Foton V2.50 2018-06-21
BaicHs V2.41 2018-04-11
BAICSenova V2.61 2018-04-11
Borgward V2.10 2018-06-12
BYD V2.50 2018-07-04
ChangAn V2.70 2018-05-30
Chery V2.60 2018-05-23
Chery_NE V2.30 2018-04-11
DFFG V2.62 2018-04-11
DFXK V2.60 2018-04-11
Emgrand V3.00 2018-05-23
EngLon V2.40 2018-04-11
Geely V2.40 2018-05-23
Gleagle V2.30 2018-04-11
Greatwall V2.75 2018-06-12
Hafei V2.41 2018-04-11
Brilliance V2.60 2018-06-21
JAC V2.31 2018-05-15
Karry V2.20 2018-04-11
LIFAN V2.41 2018-04-12
MAPLE V2.30 2018-04-11
Saicmg V3.10 2018-06-21
Rely V2.30 2018-04-11
Riich V2.30 2018-04-11
Saicmaxus V2.20 2018-05-30
SGMW V3.41 2018-05-07
SMA V2.41 2018-05-15
ChangheSuzuki V2.40 2018-05-03
TJFAW V2.50 2018-05-23
ZOTYE V2.25 2018-05-30
India Tata V3.10 2018-04-24
Mahindra V3.20 2018-04-11
Maruti V2.21 2018-06-20




  CPU   MTK 6582 1.3GHz quad-core Cortex-A7
  RAM   2GB
  ROM   16GB
  External Storage   Support 16GB,up to 32GB
  Battery   7500mAh lithium battery
  Screen   7-inch capacitive screen with 1024*600 pixels resolution
  Operation System   Android
  Interface   micro USB 2.0
  WIFI   Support wireless surfing and upgrade
  Bluetooth   Bluetooth V4.0(Bluetooth low energy)
  Connectivity   Bluetooth
  Charging Method   Desktop charger and car charger
  Diagnostic Connector   7 connectors
  Product Size   225mm*138mm*32mm


  Processor   ARM 32bit Cortex M3
  Flash   512KB
  RAM   128KB
  Support OS   Windows Xp、win7、win8、win10
  Communication Connector   DB15
  Wired Connection   USB Type-B,USB 2.0
  Wireless Connection   Bluetooth3.0/4.0
  Connectivity   Bluetooth / Connect computer using USB cable
  Standards   *Compatible SAE-J2534-1&SAE-J2534-2。

*Online ECU diagnosis,can be used as original manufacturer diagnostic tool

*Support the third party and original manufacturer diagnostic program

Protocols   Compatible SAE-J2534-1&SAE-J2534-2

ISO-9141 K-Line

ISO-14230 K-Line

ISO-15765 K-Line


SAE-J1850-VPW(GM Class2)


SAE-J2411 Single Wire CAN(GMLAN)

SAE-J2610 SCI(Chrysler)





VAG KW81(SAE J2818)




  Packing Dimensions   510mm*157mm*365mm
  Net Weight   5KG
  Gross Weight   5.5KG