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Peace of mind for your hybrid vehicle

Car Battery and Jumper Cables


If you want to drive knowing that the batteries you buy haven't been used by anyone ever before, or if money is no object, choose a new 1-Diagnostic battery

Battery Screen


We conduct a health check on your very own batteries to ensure your vehicle is running in optimum condition


1-Diagnostic re-conditioned battery packs are just as good as new, but better on the wallet. We provide a 1 Year Warranty on all refurbished packs.

Electric Car Battery Charging

Book a

Battery Health Test

For just £45, a qualified technician will test your batteries.  The test involves using diagnostic equipment that will read the strength of your electric battery system, in addition to an overview of all other car systems. We will then share our readings with you to inform you of the health of your vehicle and advise you of what you may need, or want to do next.

COVID - 19:

Under current restrictions, please do not book if you are required to self-isolate or shield

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