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Re-conditioned doesn't mean low quality.  These cells are as new and are perfect for those on a budget.  All our cells are examined, tested and guaranteed in the UK to the functional equivalent of a new cell by hybrid specialists.  They are brought up to the industry standard of at least 7.2v and are rigorously tested to ensure they hold their capacity whilst in use.   Please note, the voltage will vary between 7.2v to 8v.


All our re-conditioned cells come with a 6 month warranty.  If any of the following applies within the warranty period, we will exchange: the cell fails, the module voltage drops below 7.2v, the current charge capacity drops below 6000maH, or the current discharge capacity drops below 5000maH within the warranty period.  Please note, we record all serial numbers in compliance with GDPR and in order to exchange, the serial number must match our records.


1-Diagnostic Hybrid Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) cells will fit the following vehicles.  This list is not exhaustive.  Please contact us if your vehicle does not appear on this list.

•Toyota Prius 2nd Generation - 2004-2009

•Toyota Prius 3rd Generation - 2010-2015

•Toyota Prius C - 2010-2016

•Toyota Camry XV40 - 2007-2011

•Toyota Camry XV50 - 2012-2016

•Lexus CT200H - 2010-2014

•Lexus GS 450H - 2007-2012

•Lexus ES300H, ES400, NX300H

•Nissan Altima - 2007-2011

Generation 2/3 Cells

  • New and re-conditioned hybrid batteries.  Generations 2 - 3.  Nissan, Toyota, Lexus